Our Approach

Partners in Excellence

At Pioneer Molded Products we view our customers, suppliers, and employees as partners in our work.

We are on a continuous quest for world-class manufacturing excellence. Acting as a true partner to our customers is one strategy that helps us achieve that goal. As a partner, we not only produce what the customer needs, but also offer improvement suggestions when it comes to the things we know best—thermoforming and material options.

Whenever possible, we want to collaborate with customers early in the process. This early introduction gives us the opportunity to provide feedback that will ensure the best manufacturability of the product.

We work to develop long-lasting relationships with our customers, and we prefer to think of ourselves as relational, instead of a transactional company. Pioneer Molded Products consistently receives high scores from customers and suppliers on our feedback surveys. These accomplishments are critically important to our team and we celebrate them as points of pride!

Integrity and Innovation

Integrity and innovation are at the core of Pioneer Molded Products’ company culture. Our employees are part of a cohesive team that is focused on getting a quality job done on time. We value our team members’ knowledge and experience. Collectively we bring many decades of experience to our work, and this sets us apart in the solutions and products we create for clients.

Pioneer Molded Products Victory Statement

By accepting God’s guidance, we shall embrace the principles of teamwork, respect, and responsibility in order to maximize our position as a leading, diversified, custom manufacturer. We stand committed to target and achieve excellence in all relationships with our customers, team members, supply partners and stakeholders.

Pioneer Molded Products Victory Statement

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